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Manufacturing and production of documentary and educational films

A documentary film is not a fiction, not a flight of imagination and creativity, but a reflection of real events and facts. 

That is a reason why  filming documentaries is a complex and painstaking process.

In the same time there are endless opportunities to supply these real events, to engage audiences by  influencing their emotions and do not leave indifferent. It all depends on the tasks to be performed by this film.

Documentary newsreels is the most simple but effective way of movie making. The Chronicle does not get old, because it helps to show the life  without embellishments and speculation. 

The truth is always in fashion.

Non-fiction films are not often interested in the general public, but are invaluable to a narrow circle of specialists in a particular industry (medical and scientific research, experiments,  study of animal and plant life). So, shooting movies is the undeniable fact of truth and objectivity of research and achievements.


The popular science film about the filters "Golden Formula"

Educational films have a wider audience comparing with non-fiction. And with the rapid development of information technologies to learn at a distance, to communicate at a distance, 

They are becoming increasingly popular. Video courses for learning foreign languages, dance master classes, gymnastic exercises, video how to use the technology - it is not an exhaustive list of tasks that the educational films can easily solve.

In addition to these types of films, documentaries are used by companies when you want to show  the head or the team of company, achievements or innovations.

And what more... We can just make a documentary about your life and family, that will be an invaluable gift for the heirs.

History... Everyone has own history. We help to capture your history!